A Dedicated Global Team


International Projects or Partners Place: iPoPP -- is a web-based space where thought leaders, community members, social activists, educators and youth, from around the world can find collaboration partners and engage in projects.

iPoPP combines the best elements from GlobalSchoolNet and eLanguages into one unified environment designed to improve academic achievement, prepare youth for the workforce, and give learners essential skills to become responsible global citizens.

iPoPP provides a supportive community and easy-to-use tools that embrace the constructivist learning methodology, project-management principles, and future thinking strategies.

iPoPP offers integrated collaboration tools (such as secure document sharing, discussion forums, blogs, vlogs, and web publishing) to allow participants in remote learning communities to collaborate, learn together, share data, review and evaluate each others work, and maintain a record of learning accomplishments. iPoPP's project management tools help participants to develop project goals, objectives, timelines and benchmarks; manage project registration and participation; and automate critical group communication tasks.

iPoPP provides unique evaluation and peer review components that help to inform decisions related to assessing, planning and implementing collaborative activities at the local, national and international level.

For more information, visit iPoPP.org