Solutions that work

Expertise and Consultancy

Our philosophy is that education should be fun, creative and contribute to enrich individuals. This is why over the years we have worked extensively with various parties in the education sector researching new learning strategies and implementing innovative solutions. We have been very successful at this. It is therefore fair to say that we have the right expertise, tools and skills to raise standards in education globally.

Our worldwide community consists of 120,000 educators and +4 million youth from 194 countries, who work together on local, regional and international projects.

  • We help organisations improve their productivity;
  • We connect educators and learners in meaningful project-learning exchanges to develop literacy and communication skills, foster teamwork and collaboration, encourage workforce preparedness, and create multi-cultural understanding;
  • We integrates collaborative tools, constructivist learning methodology, and future thinking strategies in education and career development, with strong links to leadership and project management principles;
  • We provides strategic advice to NGOs, governments and corporations how to embed collaborative working and learning to increase productivity and maximise return on investment.