Solutions that work

Collaboration Rooms

Our Social Learning and Collaboration Network solution, Collaboration Rooms, is currently in use by over 120,000 teachers from over 196 countries.

The Collaboration Rooms are secure, customizable web-based environments which allow participants to collaborate and share project outcomes. Education programmes and projects facilitated through these networks provide on-going interaction opportunities with a growing community of global educators, youth, professionals or thought leaders.


  • Scalable: Organisation and user administration on global national or regional level;
  • Transferable: Outcomes become evidence of learning and these open education resources can serve as models to inspire educators and youth to engage in future projects;
  • Customisable: Project environments can be branded according to corporate guidelines;
  • Measurable: Evaluation and reporting tools are provided to assess progress, learning outcomes, organization development and productivity;
  • Multilingual: Project content can be made available in multiple languages;
  • Easily Accessible: Tools are designed to work with all levels of bandwidth, from dial-up connections to high speed; they display nicely on all types of computers, tablets and smart phones;
  • Responsive Support: Provided 24/7 by dedicated team.
eLanguages: Creative Collaboration for Teachers Globally

eLanguages has been a success from ever since it started. Because of its simplicity, it proved to be a highly effective tool for teachers to connect and collaborate internationally to raise the cultural awareness of children.

As of today eLanguages has 20,000 end-users and is available in 23 languages.

"eLanguages is the best way to initiate ,build and sustain school partnerships" Him Academy Public School, India

Rivers of The World

In 2006, The Mayor's Thames Festival and Rages started the collaborative learning network for Rivers of the World, the flagship art and education project of the Thames Festival. Every year 3 new countries join the Rivers of the World.