A Dedicated Global Team


Creative Collaboration for Teachers Globally

In 1999 Ralph came up with the concept of an online platform for teachers to collaborate with schools and teachers from other countries and cultures. This idea was subsequently endorsed by British Council and the Department of Education in England. In partnership with them Ralph developed eLanguages - Creative Collaboration for Teachers Globally- www.elanguages.org in 2002.

eLanguages has been a success from ever since it started. Because of its simplicity, it proved to be a highly effective tool for teachers to connect and collaborate internationally to raise the cultural awareness of children.

As of today eLanguages has 20,000 end-users and is available in 23 languages.

Teachers much enjoy working with eLanguages.

"There are numerous opportunities across the curriculum for which elanguages could be used beneficially. It can provide additional value to lessons by adding the new dimension of cross - cultural links."

"ELanguages has already done all the hard work for you, and so is ideal for busy teachers!"

"Putting in a significant amount of time into exploring the tool itself has proved beneficial and improved ICT skills."